The company Klüppelberg GmbH & Co.KG was founded in 1994 by Petra and Dirk Klüppelberg in Kerpen.

Both had previously worked for the former company Maschinenfabrik Hermann Kolb, Cologne.

As an Assistant Sales Manager Petra Klüppelberg was familiar with many aspects of engineering works.

Dirk Klüppelberg had also held an important position at the Kolb company, both as a qualified electrician and a certified electrical engineer. In the customer service division he independently led major projects for Kolb at home and abroad.

The know-how gained at the Hermann Kolb company is now put to good use in their own company. From its small beginnings the business has grown into a successful company that has long made a name for itself in a special niche in the engineering market.

Thus it was that in 1996 the company's founders developed their "full service from a single source" policy for machine tools, and since then offer the full range of automation facilities in addition to the mechanical side. From the procurement of replacement parts to the relocation of an entire machine, the company will undertake all necessary work and tasks.

 Since 1999 we have operated our own in-house design department. Here technical solutions are developed, designed and tested for each individual machine tool project. 

The company has been expanding continuously since it was founded in 1994, and in 2000 moved into new premises in the industrial zone of Kerpen. Here the company has built up the necessary machinery for fitting and reworking, special test facilities, and sufficient crane capacity for machinery shipments of up to 10 metric tons.

 In 2002 service provider KLÜPPELBERG produced and sold from Kerpen its first product "made in Germany".

 Today, the workforce numbers some 20 employees. In order to secure the supply of qualified staff, the company has itself been training precision mechanics and draughtsmen since 2002. 

 The service portfolio of the company has been extended since 2005 to include Special Mechanical Engineering Size No.1 and Machine Trading.