We increase your productivity!

With a complete overhaul, integration of new components into the machines and completely new electrical engineering, existing facilities achieve a higher value and increased production capacity, thanks to Klüppelberg GmbH & Co.KG.


Modernisation: for example KOLB Cubimat VC 1000


Modernised machines function and do the work of new ones at half the price!

By modernizing your machinery you can reduce your budget in comparison to replacement investment cost by up to 60%, thus keeping the business risk to a manageable size.

Modernisation with lower investment cost also speaks for itself when productivity, warranty and availability are directly comparable with those of new machines.

With a modernized machine you can secure a very competitive position in the market, because thanks to lower investment and a high degree of automation (customised to your product), an unbeatable machine hourly rate, coupled with high efficiency and superior quality (compared to the CAD optimized lightweight new installation) you are ready for any challenge you may encounter in the market.


We increase your competitiveness!

The Klüppelberg company has acquired many years of experience in special machine design based on the KOLB concept. We can estimate on the basis of this experience and many satisfied customers exactly what costs will incurred.

 We offer warranty and support comparable with new machines!